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2043 A.D.

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After riots, looting, martial law, and then civil war, the economy in 2016 was crippled and the upcoming elections were delayed indefinitely. Well-armed citizens fought against anti-gun citizens. Survivalists bugged out, leaving the city folk to fight to the death. The military was called in to handle what the National Guard couldn't. America's enemies saw this as the perfect time to strike. Large population centers and capital cities were nuked. Bio-Chemical weapons were unleashed on the east coast. America's allies and enemies attacked each other, launching world war three, which stopped soon after it began. The devastation was too overwhelming. The combatants ceased in horror. The least damaged areas in the U.S. began to pick up the pieces and rebuild over the years. Many instituted new forms of government. Orange County in southern California took over governing the state after the nuclear annihilation of Sacramento and Los Angeles. The county administrator (who declined to call himself Governor) implemented a new monetary system, a new justice department, a plethora of new laws, and new methods of law enforcement. He also formed the Department of Equal Opportunity which he tasked with creating solutions to eradicate inequality and economic disparity so as to prevent the social injustices that had plagued the U.S. before the many wars and eventually made the destruction of a once great nation possible. By the year 2043, Orange County was considered by other territories to be thriving and leading the way to the rebirth of America. After succeeding in nearly eliminating violent crime, the next goal of the DEO was to identify young citizens who seemed to be normal now but could possibly become the criminals and sociopaths of the future. If they could find them, they believed they could fix them. They started with four teenagers.


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